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Pull Up Displays, Roll Up displays, Banners, Posters, Window Displays, Truck Graphics…


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Roll-Up Displays

Roll-Up Displays - a cassette display uint which enables it to be easily transported to any location you want to se up an exhibition.

Pull-Up Displays

Pull-Up Displays - a lattice work display uint which enables it to be easily transported to any location you want to se up an exhibition.

Vehicle / Window Graphics

Digitally printing onto self adhesive vinyl has made putting graphics anywhere possible, from wrapping a van/truck or even full window graphics for shop displays.

Vogue International was turned into a lightbox one Christmas season with all windows covered which looked amazing at night time using a Victorian Snowball scene.

Van and truck graphics transform it into a mobile advert for your business. Whether that is wrapping it, like we designed for That Smoke Truck (a Mercedes 7.5 ton truck with a Texas Smoker onboard). To well designed cut vinyl graphics for Windmill Pet Supplies.

Roll Up Displays

Roll Up Displays pull out of a cassette and are free standing. Usually about 2000mm tall x 800mm wide. Ideal for pop up exhibitions or leaving in locations, like motorcycle dealerships which we have created for REDEE for both their Tours & Training businesses. Hallsford take them to events as well.


Banners can be hung anywhere they can be tide to. Usually PVC with equally spaced eyelets. They can be pretty much any size depending on the machine that prints them.

Pop-Up Displays

Pop Up Displays are great for using as a backdrop to an exhibition display stand, they can come with, lighting, podiums (which are wrapped in similar graphics). They are a lattice work with magnetic strips to hold the graphic panels. The go back into the carry case for easy transport and storage.

Project: Hallsford Farm

Hallsford Farm is a great project to be involved with, it all started when Andrew & Helen Tomkins brought a farm in Cumbria – for Beef Shorthorns & Llanwenog Sheep. Andrew is always looking at the complete cycle of the farm and has created the full process from, growing the grass to rearing the animals on, to their own butchery to control quality, then onto farmers markets, catering events, or online sales via website (which we also created).

Acstede Design created the full visual imagery of the enterprise even from the first farmers markets allowing them look as if Waitrose had arrived with high quality produce.

Exhibition Design in Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon, Solihull, Warwickshire.

Acstede Design

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