We have created a variety of packaging over the years, from food packaging, labels, boxes, cartons and slip covers. As well as plastic bags in continuous roll format and individual bags, like shopping bags.


Full surface printed cartons or just a logo. Boxes or slip cases for food containers. Embossing or laminating finishing.


From product labels to vending machine stickers, printed on paper or self-adhesive vinyl. Which can be printed digitally to litho these days.


We have created a wide range of bags for our clients, from silver plastic to matt laminated paper with rope handles - Let us quote.

Acstede Design have been creating packaging design in many forms for decades, we have grown with printing’s technical advancements.

Packaging Design

We design cardboard boxes, to packaging labels, to high quality packaging bags – like the Trust Pet Product Cat Litter sample on the left (Printed by Tyler Packaging, Warwick).

We work with printers who are specialists in certain fields. Many years ago I wanted litho printed plastic stickers when I thought only screen printing was possible, but I found a litho company in North London that printed Concords menus on to rigged plastic using UV Cured inks. So i was able to print high quality vending machine stickers on self adhesive vinyl.

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