Have you ever thought your brand needs a boost? Rebranding is a great way to change the perception of your business or your products. It can be just a tweak to the current logo, or a new colour scheme. Or a whole new logo and colour scheme.

Changing the look and feel of a business can give it a really big boost to its perception by existing clients and the outside world. It is also a chance to market it too a whole new audience. 

Continuous Change

Vogue International, a hairdressers in Leamington Spa, changed items and salon colour schemes every other year and it really worked for them. Clients always loved the new look and feel and the feeling or moving forwards. The owner Liz Usher tweaks things all the time so clients got used to seeing new things arrive. It gave them a chance to shout about it to anyone who listened.

There are times when a change is needed to bring a fresh approach, or a chance to change all those things you have always wanted too. Or simply a chance to start again. Or you may want to attract a new audience and go in a different direction.

Maybe some products don’t sell well with the current approach and a new direction is needed.

Give is a call if you think its time…