Something new we are starting – Regenerative Living

Living by replacing with more than we take…

Some clients have been doing it for years – Hallsford Farm Produce have been following regenerative principles ever since they brought the farm in the 2000’s.

Hemp Whole Foods – are growing hemp regeneratively since Ed took over the family farm.

Drawing Desk are designing buildings with Regenerative principles, so clients can build enabling the buildings to be replace or updated in pieces or creating the lowest impact possible if the building was just left to bi0-degrade naturally.

Steel takes 50 years to bio-degrade, Aluminium takes 200 years, wood 50-100 years.

In general, copper pipes can last for several decades before showing signs of corrosion. However, if the water chemistry is highly acidic or if the pipes are exposed to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, the rate of corrosion can increase significantly. In these cases, copper pipes may corrode within a few years.

So keeping building materials in a suitable range the building will simple degrade back into the ground, just like a plain log cabin.

Give is a call if you are thinking about starting a new project…