Super-BEing Website Lisa Cressy

Become a SuperBEING

Lisa Cressy came to us as she wanted a new website for her rebranded business SuperBEING. We found that keeping her current provider WIX was the idea fit, especially for its fully integrated services. I had found WIX difficult in the past, but this time we finally cracked it.

Finding the right template was a great start. The new logo and colour scheme really helped to create a rainbow colour palette. Which ideally fits the SuperBEING approach.

Lisa’s approach to creating SuperBEINGs really fits in with our perception of personal development. Be Your Best Self.

I am starting to see the benefit of a fully integrated platform when building an ECommerce website which sells digital downloads and take appointments. It is a good idea to get to know the platforms fully and how an experienced design can get the best out of each platform. Creating a stunning website which ever the platform that is chosen.


with Lisa Cressy

My mission is to empower you to create a happier and healthier life – becoming the best version of yourself, aligned with your life’s purpose – your Super Self!

​We can achieve incredible transformation by harnessing the power of our minds – removing fears, self limiting beliefs and behaviours, promoting a positive mindset and building confidence. Transitioning to a life where we can be free of limitations, have a sense of purpose, calm and balance – enjoy each day rather than just getting through it and fulfilling our potential.

​The mission for SUPERBEING is to facilitate big changes through personal empowerment.

How it works – Initially we would have a call to discuss the difference you want to make in your life and to design bespoke sessions. Use my BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION option or just give me a call: 07494 046642