Capel Manor House

Capel Manor House

Where my love of Architecture started? 

At the time I thought it was just dad taking us out one Sunday afternoon in the early 70’s. I was probably 6 or 7; we where taken to the new home of my grandad’s employer. Grandad had worked for Mr John Howard for many years as his gardener, they lived in Hurst Green, nr Oxted in Surrey. John had one of the older grand houses called Home Farm. I have huge memories of riding in the trailer of the red Wheelhorse ride-on mower, going through the orchard picking up apples. Along side the stream/river. Gran was the cleaner. We spent many happy hours there.

Back to the Sunday day out. We went to visit John Howard’s new home. I had no idea the implication of what I was seeing that day. We arrived at a glass box with a roof and a sunken 70’s lounge, with patio doors out to the swimming pool. And I remember Maise Howard saying she just jumps out of bed, runs through the patio doors and jumps in the pool every morning.

Fast forward to today and I would build this for myself every single day. It was perfect then as it is now. It would suit me to a tea.

What was just a trip to see a new home – turns out to be visiting one of the most admired Architectural homes in the country that is listed in Wikipedia 

The Manser Practice

“Capel Manor House is a small modern steel-framed private house in Horsmonden, in Kent in southern England. It was designed by Michael Manser for John Howard, a former Member of Parliament. It was built between 1969 and 1970.”

We must have seen it just after it was finished. Or it might have been my grandad retirement, I am not sure.

It must have influenced my path in some way as I became a Technical Illustrator and spent many hours designing my own homes, the first the basic brick home but with a swimming pool with a glass floor lounge above it. My second attempt in my head was a sunk in to the landscape mega house. But I keep returning to this as the perfect place to live. And I saw it when I was 6 or 7. Amazing the influence things have on you.

Capel Manor House

Give is a call if you think its time…to rebrand

Images copyright of The Manser Practice (I hope this is OK it influenced my life so much)